Tuscan landscapes transferred onto porcelain and ceramic tiles to create outside murals
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Aagaard  View to the Amalfi Coastline on ceramic, marble or glass tiles    
AAGAARD  A- view to the Amalfi Coast                         B- Pergola
C - Lake Como
AB-- Amalfi Pergola combined--Panoramic
 A client requested this for their very wide kitchen backsplash  ~ pretty cool, huh?
ABC-----  Amalfi, Pergola, Como combined
Another client saw the AB mural and commissioned me to make a mural  that was even more panoramic and lo and behold --  60" x  8" --
to create a border for their backsplash.

Poppie Panoramic

 JM---Red Poppy Road                                                    JM- Chianti Sunset                            
 JM-Tuscan Chianti Village gold sky                         JM-Tuscan Chianti Village blue sky                                 

JM-- Chianti Harvest                                           JM---  Tuscan Vineyard vertical

JM --- Tuscan Vista

 JM---  Olive Vineyard 5                 JM---  Tuscan Village  

JM-- Tuscan Villa 2                  JM--- Vine 5   

JM---Bramasole Poppy Garden                                   JM  Tuscan 1114 Villa    

JM--  Bramasole                      

      JM----   Olive Villa                                         
                                 JM--- Vineyard                            JM--- Gold Vineyard

Guido Borelli Colonne as a kitchen backsplash or installed on your outdoor patio on ceramic tiles     
GB-  A LA COLONNE                                                GB- 042 -014

 GB- 042-009                                                                                 GB- 042-012

    GB- 042-004                                                                              GB- 042-005

Papaveri by Guido Borelli.. Tuscan landscape  il villaggio by Guido Borelli.. Tuscan Landscape  
                        GB - papaveri                                                GB -   il-villaggio

                      GB- Campagna                                              GB- Fiume

    ADH- TUSCAN ARCH                           SK -TUSCAN ARCHWAY GREY

 LG 124                                                                           LG 125

Cherubs, Mermaid
Old World Masters
Vintage Labels

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