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Porcelain and ceramic kiln fired tiles are fired at 1800 Degrees F
Tiles for floors are full bodied porcelain

Hi gloss or matte finish

Tile sizes ....4x4, 6x6, 8x8,10x10,12x12

Duration-Images last for a lifetime.
Damage-Unless the tile is broken, no dust or scratches will damage the image.
Fade Proof-Images are melted into glass and they are permanently in tacked.
UV Radiation-The pigment is made from minerals therefore they are not affected by any radiation.
Oxidation-The tile is like glass and therefore impervious to any acids.

We also offer ceramic kiln fired tiles
but only in warm climates where frost is not an issue

Once the mural is finished and fired there is no difference in durability between any non imaged porcelain and ceramic tiles and tiles you would have bought at the tile store.

Because of the lead contained in Cadmium red ( the purest red) there is a government ban against using this mineral in producing our kiln fired tiles .. so we have to use a different grade red . Reds will have an orangey or brick red, burgundy look. Please keep this in mind when deciding on an image.

* We replace broken tiles in shipment, not installation
All murals and tiles are custom made for our clients and so we do not offer refunds.
All sales are final.

Printing Disclaimer
We have represented the colors and character of the products on this website
as accurately as possible, however due to the inherent nature of the photographic
 and printing process, there may be some variations in the colors and textures
of the actual product from what appears on the website.
At the time of completion of payment client acknowledges the
printing disclaimer and  return policies  as stated above

Cherubs, Mermaid
Old World Masters
Vintage Labels

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Tile FAQs

Please email or call for prices or advice on choosing the perfect image for your outdoor mural.

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