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Art Themes
Sorrento by Michael LOngo

      SHB Medierranean Memories                        SHB.Anticipation

SHB  Echoes of the past                                         SHB  EMBRACED BY THE SUN

SHB. Margarita Villa                                                    SHB. Jewelled Terrace

SHB Brilliant Blue moment                         SHB Memories of Paradise

SHB.  I'll meet you There                              SHB Voyage into a Dream

Postcard from the Edge                                         SHB  Afternoon Shadows

   SHB Romantic Bellagio             Howard Behrens  0025- Lake Como Glow

Howard Behrens  Santorini  Afternoon          Behrens-  Sunlit Stroll

Behrens Lake Como Landing                                Behrens The Cove at Portofino

Behrens  Reflections of Lake Como                    Behrens--- Lago Bellagio

   Isle of Capri by Howard Behrens Tile mural
 Behrens  Warmth of  Varenna                          Behrens  Isle of Capri

         Behrens Varenna Morning                         Behrens Table for Two

   Monet- Argenteil                                            Monet- Boating    

                            Monet - Red Boats                                Monet- Village with Mountains


Sorrento by Michael Longo

Portofino by Michael Longo

Cherubs, Mermaid
Old World Masters
Vintage Labels

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